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Shiring Nylon

This product is a suitable option for packaging due to its shrinkage property and occupying less space.

Nylon roll

The application of nylon rolls is very wide and is generally used in different parts

Stretch pallet strap

Used in various industries such as food packaging, building materials, paper rolls and

Nylon bag

Nylon bag is based on light polyethylene (LDPE), which has a high degree of flexibility

Why Pooshineh Baspar ?

Quality is not the end and we intend to move to the end of this endless path

competitive price

Pooshineh Baspar is trying to produce its products at an unbeatable price and with the aim of eliminating intermediaries, offers its products directly to dear customers


Observance of standard principles in the production of products is one of the concerns of Poosineh Baspar Company and it always strives to be able to produce products with the desired quality.

Updated equipment

Pooshineh Baspar Company is always trying to keep its equipment up to date and use modern devices to produce quality products for customer satisfaction

Quality commitment

All our products have quality control and in case of dissatisfaction of dear customers, all goods will be returned without any deficit

20 years of experience

Poosineh Baspar Company has started its activity since 2001 and has gained valuable experiences with long-term goals to advance its profession 

Answer every need

We are ready to offer products according to different requests and tastes to produce and offer products according to the wishes of our valued customers

Pooshineh Baspar , environmentally friendly

Pooshineh Baspar Parnian Production Group is trying to take a firm step by providing quality products and helping to preserve the environment, and to be able to continue its activities as an environmentally friendly craftsman in our beloved homeland of Iran.


Get to know the Pooshineh Baspar better

Poosheneh Baspar Production Group is a specialized manufacturer of special nylon bags in the form of sealed stitching, stretch pallet straps, nylon rolls, nylon shearing films and nylon Food Grade bags and Big Pack bags for the inner cover of Janbo for various uses, including food. Pharmaceutical, sanitary, tiles and ceramics, glass and bottles and automobiles with modern machines in the world in the form of Multi Layer with the largest sewing line of wide bags is ready to serve dear customers.

Health apples

Health apples are actually the mark and symbol of the Food and Drug Administration, and they put this mark on products that have health factors that have been determined by this organization. Because apples are a sign of health, the Food and Drug Administration has chosen this symbol to indicate the Food and Drug Administration’s oversight of consumer health. The health mark is given to products that are food grade and have a manufacturing license. Pooshineh Baspar Production Group is proud to receive the Health Apple Award from the Food and Drug Administration in order to improve the quality of its products and seeks to increase the quality of service to dear customers.

GMP standard certification

استاندارد gmp

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice as the main foundation of product safety and health systems. The products are produced in accordance with the appropriate standards with their application, production and control and meet the needs of consumers in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Having a GMP Certificate indicates that the holder of this certificate has complied with its provisions and by its nature gives the consumer confidence in its quality. Poosheneh Baspar Production Group is proud to provide its services with the necessary qualities to our dear customers by having the GMP standard.

Questions before buying?

Before buying our products, we are ready to advise and explain our products to our dear customers.

have a suggestion?

In order to improve the well-being of our dear customers, we are ready to accept any offer from you dear ones.

Need support?

If you have any questions, you can contact our colleagues via phone number or online chat.

Choose right and get everything!

Poosineh Baspar Production Group offers you the best price by eliminating intermediaries and direct sales from the factory, as well as variety in the selection of raw materials and the production of quality products.

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