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Stretch pallet strap is one of the most suitable nylon packaging for goods. Purchase of pallet strap due to very high elasticity, which is usually made of linear lightweight polyethylene (LLDPE). It is the most suitable option for wrapping around equipment. Pallet straps are mostly used on pallets to pack and secure products. In addition, these films are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals. The reasonable price of pallet leggings has made this product popular in various industries. In the following, we will examine all the dimensions of this product. Before buying this product, you can evaluate its features.

Stretch pallets are available in color as well as transparent. They weigh very little. Plastic film is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards and guidelines set by the industry. It is basically a type of stretch film that all packaging films have a series of identical features. But there are also differences between them that make each of these packaging products unique. For example, in the elastic strength and high adhesion of this coating, the main factor is the maintenance of equipment that has a high resistance to impact and tear.

Application of stretch pallet strap

Stretch pallet is a type of nylon whose material is thin with high transparency and high adhesion and elasticity. From this product, as a protective wrapper, it is wrapped around all kinds of goods. The use of leggings makes the goods pack together and easier to transport. It also protects them from possible damage. This product can be found in goods such as:

1-Paper roll

2-Cellulose industry

3-Industrial panels

4-Construction Equipment

5-Food industry

6-Carton Manufacturing Industries

7-Sandwich panel packaging

8-Pharmaceutical and health industries

9-Automotive spare parts

10-All wooden and plastic pallets

11-Mineral water, beverage and concentrate pallets

12-Packaging of fodder and agricultural products

They are among the goods that can be packed by stretch. This type of packaging is usually for storing loads and products on a pallet for transportation and storage. Is used. Stretch packaging can be provided in a variety of films. Some examples are:

1-UV packaging
2-Porous packaging
3-Anti-static film
4-Color film and so on

Stretch pallet features

The raw materials used in the production of stretch pallets have a better quality. The durability of this product will also increase. Features of a high quality leggings have the following specifications:

1-Thinness and lightness
2-High brightness and transparency
3-layer stretch pallet
4-Order in color
5-Proper integrity and strength
6-Supply of pallet leggings in kilograms
7-Suitable for manual, machine robotic use
8-Available colors are clear, blue, red, yellow

9-High flexibility and elastic strength up to 400%
10-Available widths between 50 cm to 1.5 m
11-Major order of matte and transparent pallet stretch
12-Anti-static static to absorb dust on the pallet strap

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Benefits of Pallet Stretch

1-high resistance 
2-High efficiency 
3-High adhesion 
4-easy access 
5-Extraordinary elasticity 
6-Affordable price 

Buying guide and price of stretch pallet strap

The price of this product is constantly changing due to fluctuations in the price of raw materials. Because its price is calculated in kilograms. Today, this product has received a lot of attention in the packaging industry, and stretch film has been very popular. The reason is that according to the customer’s order, additives can be added to the leggings and can be ordered in the requested dimensions and sizes.

Pallet stretch film packaging method

In the manual method of using stretch, the packaging is done by manpower. Semi-automatic machines include rotating packages in which the load is placed on a plate. It is wrapped by film that moves vertically.

Packages are rotated once by the robot to be packed. Orbital packages include load feeding despite a moving film loop. Automatic packaging includes conveyor belts and automatic machines for cutting and sealing stretch pallet packaging.

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