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Man has always been looking for good, good conditions, good production, good quality and even good life, he has also always been looking for conditions so that it tends to have the production group of Pooshineh baspar in order to achieve the same goal. It started in 2001 in Tehran and due to the need of the market day and with the personnel of this complex, it has increased its production and with 20 years of unremitting efforts, its annual production has reached more than 8500 tons and various quality products. Has provided a desirable.

Pooshineh baspar Production Group is proud to have taken a small step in the production of our country, Iran, for the growth and promotion of the industry, and is trying to provide its products with the desired quality to its dear consumers, and seeks to satisfy its dear customers. Draw.

Pooshineh baspar Production Group is a specialized manufacturer of special nylon bags in the form of sealed stitching, stretch pallet straps, nylon rolls, nylon shiring  and nylon Food Grade bags, and Big Pack bags for the inner cover of Janbo for various uses, including food. Pharmaceutical, sanitary, tiles and ceramics, glass and bottles and automobiles with modern machines in the world in the form of Multi Layer with the largest sewing line of wide bags is ready to serve our dear customers.

Polyethylene Shrink Film
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