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کاغذ گریس پروف

Grease proofs or slabs are widely used for packaging dairy products such as edible butter in 2 kg and 5 kg weights. These products are used to increase the quality level of product packaging. Grease proofs or slabs are very hygienic and heat resistant. And enables a wide range of applications. This product is widely used to prevent environmental pollution in various dairy industries, including the packaging of

vegetable and animal butter. Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns and should intersect at the openings for columns.

کاغذ گریس پروف

Applications of Grace Prof

Grease proofs or slabs are also used to protect items during transport. Such as beautiful works of art or perishable items and items made with “grease” coating to protect against rust. It is often used as a solution between frozen meats and as a protective layer on cloth, wrapping edible butter.

Grace Prof Features

1-Prevent environmental pollution
2-Flexible in product packaging
3-Strength against heavy weight products
4-Resistant to moisture penetration in products
5-Reduce waste of packaged raw materials
6-Easy to carry and quality control during shipment

Pooshineh Baspar Production Group has tried to meet the needs of dear customers by providing quality grease profiles in different colors and sizes. For information on the price of this product, contact our sales consultants.

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