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Nylon bag are one of the most widely used goods today, which is used in a large number of different industries. Light and light packaging of these bags, which at the same time have high ability and strength in carrying different materials. It has many uses and is used in various industries such as food and beverages, medicine, industrial products, health and treatment and..

History of Nylon

Nylon is a composite polymer and polyamide that was first fabricated on February 28, 1935 by Wallace Carrots at the DuPont Research Center. Nylon is one of the most widely used polymers in the public. The monoparticles, which are composed of amide groups (CONH-Amides-), produce polyamides and are known as nylon.


Nylon fiber is a type of composite polymer that has various uses. This material has good mechanical strength and high melting point. Nylons are water resistant. Nylon This versatile material was made by a person named Wallace Carrots.

Applications of nylon bag

shopping center
Packaging of dried fruits
Inner packaging
Protective nylon bags
Nylon bags with shearing capability
Application for large and heavy equipment.

Nylon bags can be produced in a flexible and durable way by using special methods, and by using recycled polyethylene, the cost price can be reduced and a product can be produced economically.

Transparent nylon and Nylex plastic handles are a small part of this large family, but also a variety of freezer bags, greenhouse and agricultural, packaging plastics and… are also produced transparently.


کیسه های نایلونی


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