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Nylon Roll Nylon Polyester production group is made of raw materials of polyethylene plastic, first grade petrochemical film, transparent and color, and has the ability to print logos and custom designs from one color to 6 colors. The thickness and width of these nylons according to Customer order is variable.

Sales of niches, nylon rolls and nylon bags are industrial packaging based on kilograms. Considering the daily price of petrochemical lightweight polyethylene plastic raw materials, please contact the sales department to find out the price of the products.

Widely used in various industries with printing and custom colors, including:

1-Home Appliances
3-Pallet making
4-Food and pharmaceutical industries
5-Coated cardboard and plastic boxes
6-Round aluminum and PVC profiles
7-Cover the roof to prevent heat leakage
8-Keeping the air temperature constant for crop growth

Storage conditions of nylon roll and nylon bags of industrial packaging

1-Avoid prolonged loading to prevent coil deformation.
2-Rolls should be placed horizontally to prevent spindle deformation.
3-To prevent light damage, keep inside a covered warehouse away from sunlight.
4-To prevent the destruction of cardboard coils inside the rolls, place in a dry place away from moisture.
5-Ignition prevention: Direct flame melts polyethylene films and burns cardboard coils.

Applications of nylon roll

The applications of nylon rolls are very wide. Nylon roll in general in the construction sector as a concrete cover and concrete substrate, in transportation as a material protector from external influences, packing of furniture and equipment and again to protect the equipment against external influences, roof covering to prevent Heat dissipation and as a protective material for insulation against natural conditions used in the agricultural industry to maintain a constant temperature for growing crops.


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